SIS - International Studies for Sicily

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Founded 2020
Palermo, Italy


The International Studies for Sicily / Studi Internazionali per la Sicilia (SIS) is a non-profit, multidisciplinary institute dedicated to writing in all its forms and to philosophical, social and political research. The aim of the International Studies for Sicily writing and research residency is to offer independent researchers, academics, philosophers, screenwriters, playwrights and other thinkers a space where they can devote themselves to academic, political or philosophical literary production and to intellectual research. The International Studies for Sicily’s (SIS) fundamental role is to facilitate the individual research of each resident in relation to the region and the residents’ participation in a transdisciplinary and transnational program.

Local Information

Residencies take place in two locations: Villa Adriana in Contrada Danigarci, near Trabia, and Spazio Arké in Palazzo Martinez Tagliavia Mango, adjacent to the Central Library of the Sicilian Region in the historic centre of Palermo. The residency at Villa Adriana in Danigarci, shared with a total of four residents, range from one to three months, according to the needs of each candidate. The residency at Spazio Arké of Palazzo Martinez Tagliavia Mango is ideal for a single writer whose research entails staying in close contact with the city of Palermo. The Palermo residency is available in two-week sessions.

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