Some Serious Business

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Founded 1976
Abiquiu, United States


Founded at the height of the Conceptual 70s, Some Serious Business incubates emergent expression in the arts, germinates intrepid new works and ideas, and presents diverse projects that celebrate audacity, experimentation, and surprise. Our core artist-driven programs and partnerships are both catalysts and sanctuaries that sustain visionary creators and thought-leaders. Based on the principle that THE ARTIST ALWAYS COMES FIRST, SSB supports hybrids and chimeras that traverse performance, literature, theater, dance, visual art, moving image, music, architecture and design, social practice, and fields of unforeseen possibilities. Guided by eggheads and free spirits who value collaboration, SSB is as much about process as outcomes. From the ridiculous to the sublime, SSB revels in the creative process—embarking with artists and fellow travelers to explore the puzzles, mysteries, messiness, challenges, dialogue, and peak experiences along the way.

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SSB AWAY retreats provide crucial time and space for artists to germinate ideas that might otherwise be marginalized during the intensity of public life and artistic production. A network of residences offer artists the agency to take time away from their habitual surroundings, to rest and inhabit a nourishing space of creative sanctuary with solitude, access to nature, and multivalent privacy. Two Locations: ABIQUIU, NEW MEXICO: On Plaza Blanca—The White Place—memorialized in countless paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe. The mesa is a space of deep solitude, silence, and emptiness. TUSCANY, ITALY: On a 40-acre working olive oil farm just outside the tiny hamlet of Petroio, Some Serious Business and artist Carey Maxon offer artists a tranquil sanctuary: a small stone cottage set in the heart of the sensory delights of Tuscan country life. From this charming casina artists have the opportunity for creative exploration in any direction.

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