Strassel Farm House and Artist Residency

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Founded 2019
Forest Grove, United States


Strassel Farm Artist Residency is co-founded by three artists: Robert Chambers, Mette Tommerup and Felecia Chizuko Carlisle who were all introduced by Emerson Dorsch, a prominent contemporary art gallery in Miami FL where they live and work most of the year. They are educators, organizers and caretakers joined with the common purpose to preserve the land and its history; use it for artistic, scientific or holistic purposes; and nurture a culture of resourcefulness and diversity. In its pilot season, the program seeks artists who are interested in building community and infrastructure while exploring the land and developing their work. This is a great opportunity with lots of space for outdoor temporary sculpture, intentional workshops, architectural projects, ephemeral works and living sculpture. The Barn Studio is approximately 1500 square feet and is shared amongst residents.

Local Information

Strassel Farm Artist Residency is located in Tillamook country between the gorgeous Oregon Coast and the Portland metropolitan area. The property consists of 55 acres of privately preserved wilderness and 25 acres of active farmland. It is adjacent to Tillamook State Forest on the western slope of the Cascade mountains. The main house and barn studio were built in 1905 by Swiss German midwife, Mary Strasel, who settled on the land in the 1880’s. It has been shared by a family of farmers, scientists, writers and artists for almost 150 years.

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