Studio Osa

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Founded 2016
Drake Bay, Costa Rica


Studio Osa strives to reconnect artists to nature by giving them a creative space in the most biologically intense place on Earth, the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Studio Osa aims to remind people that we depend on nature, not only for food, but also for mental clarity and ideas. My hope for the viewers of the work that is done here, is to feel that mental clarity in nature. Here in Corcovado, artists immerse themselves in the last coastal primary rainforest that exists in the world and earn about the amazing miracles of nature that most only see on Planet Earth!

Local Information

Studio Osa is the most remote art studio in Costa Rica. Our 130 acre beach-front property is located right on the border of Corcovado National Park. Our unique lodge and studio is the best place in Costa Rica for immersive art retreats and artist residencies. The property is also a botanical artists dream- teeming with exotic fruits, medicinal plants and native flowers. The marine life on our private beaches and tide pools will astound you and inspire new ideas in your work based on nature. From the Studio you can also try your hand at fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, or surfing, just a stones’ throw away from your cabin. Explore the Corcovado rainforest and it’s surroundings in a genuine off-the-beaten track experience. In the last coastal jungle of the world, you will discover new creatures and patterns in nature. You'll notice the changes in the ocean, the tides, and the moon phases. Nature is constantly impressing us with its spectacles, but we shouldn’t forget

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