Tasarım Bakkalı

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Founded 2015
Kadıköy, Turkey


Tasarim Bakkali is an open art space located in the center of Yeldegirmeni mahallesi, Kadiköy. The neighborhood which is in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is home to a lot of artists studios for many years and is transforming to be the new cultural and social center. Being conscious of this transformation, Tasarim Bakkali has been a pioneer in the arts and culture side of this change. While exhibiting the works of Turkish art scenes prominent artists, the opportunity was given to the talented young artists to use the same “open space”. With the residency program, our aim is to bring together international artists and the local art scene in Istanbul. Tasarim Bakkali is an artists run space founded by many people working with multiple disciplines such as visual artists, architects, musicians, software developers, psychologists and so on, sharing the same values of sustainable living and creating.

Local Information

Providing the exhibition and performance area in Kadıköy, Tab Residency hosts the artists with accommodation and studio space in the Princes´ Islands. The Princes' Islands are an archipelago off the Anatolian coast of Istanbul, mostly car free, naturally and historically preserved area. Buyukada is the biggest island of the cluster, which you can find ferries connecting the island to both the Asian and European side of Istanbul from 6AM till 12PM. Ten minutes walk from Buyukada port, the residency building is a four floored shared building, one floor for the studio spaces, one floor for accommodation rooms, one floor for common spaces such as kitchen and living room and a garden. The residency studios doesn't contain any specific workshops so they can be used for any kind of work. The studios will be reorganized considering the needs of each artist.

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