Terra Vivente

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Founded 2013
Peghera, Italy


Terra Vivente operates on the belief that art should be brought to communities, that it should be interactive and engaging to artists and to members of communities who don’t have easy access to the conventional galleries and museums of large urban centres. Many small communities in Italy are semi-abandoned as youth migrate towards cities for education and work. Rejuvenating the smaller villages takes place when there is a strong enough pull for youth to stay or return. Cultural projects are an important step. Terra Vivente creates programming that brings international artists into these small communities, organizing interactive events, projects and exhibitions that are ultimately a cultural exchange. Because the venues are off the tourist route, artists have an immersive experience, learning about the language, food and cultural traditions in a natural way because these are lived experiences, not put on as tourist attractions.

Local Information

The residency programming for 2019 will be in three locations in Italy: in Nurri, Sardinia in June, Peghera, Bergamo in July and Pietroroia, Benevento in August. Each of these locations is a small village in a mountainous area. Each offers unique glimpses into rich cultural traditions of cuisine, architecture or archaeology, crafts and more.

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