The Other Art Fair (Australia)

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Founded 2011
Sydney, Australia


Presented by, the world’s leading online art gallery, we’re a global gathering of creative thinkers, game changers and pleasure seekers sharing emerging talent and unforgettable experiences. Set against the backdrop of the world’s biggest cities, each of our fairs is different. We combine boundary-pushing yet always affordable works with immersive installations, performances and the odd tattoo or taxidermy class thrown in for good measure. Art isn’t confined to convention or rule, and how you enjoy it shouldn’t be either. A place where art feels accessible, where everyone fits in, where the experience exists outside of four white walls and the same four artists? That’s not normal. That’s The Other Art Fair.

Local Information

The Other Art Fair Sydney is hosted at White Bay Cruise Terminal in Balmain, twice a year. Nestled along the picturesque Sydney Harbor foreshore, this stunning venue has 12m ceilings, a vast open space that looks out floor-ceiling windows, and is flooded in natural light. The Other Art Fair Sydney hosts 120 artists, selected from open calls by industry professionals, and 10,000 visitors over 4 days.

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