the rabbit hole

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Founded 2008
London, United Kingdom


founded in 2008 in new york city, the rabbit hole is a creative community numbering 3000+ in 56 countries. the residency program that bases its principals on deconstructing creative processes while establishing a new methodology called the rabbit hole method.â„¢ the rabbit hole methodâ„¢ is a process of inquiry developed by the collective, that extracts and distills from contemporary artistic practises, philosophy, mysticism, mathematics and dance. it includes the teaching of hazrat inayat khan, farid ud-din attar, jorge luis borges, alejandro jodorowsky, lewis carroll, among others. the rabbit hole seeks to stimulate new ideas about the self and the other, and to challenge culturally constructed limits and borders. to support this goal, a traveling residency program was established in 2012, aimed at the deconstruction of myth, storytelling and the essential notion of pilgrimages.

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the rabbit hole has created in new york, barcelona, tel aviv, london, as well as on board a train from barcelona to tel aviv stopping in the cities, paris, berlin, gyoma, bucharest, istanbul.

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