Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery

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Founded 1996
Umm el-Fahem, Israel


Art has the unique ability to unite, engage and empower. Driven by this truth, local artists and residents of the traditional Muslim Arab city of Umm el-Fahem, created the Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery in 1996, with the mission of bringing contemporary and high-quality art to the region, and provide a platform for the presentation of original Arab and Palestinian art. The gallery, a pioneer in Arab society in Israel, quickly established itself as a noteworthy institution in both the local and international cultural scene, attracting a multi-cultural base of friends and frequent visitors. Most significantly, with a lack of other art galleries in the Arab sector in Israel, the gallery has become an important social and cultural meeting place for Arab and Jewish artists and art lovers, providing an inspiring model for dialogue, mutual-understanding and collaboration.

Local Information

The city of Umm el-Fahem, located on the slopes of Mount Iskander and nearby hills, is the largest Arab-Muslim city in Israel. It is accessed from the central section of the Wadi ‘Ara road—a historically important route known today as Highway 65, one of the main arteries that connect central Israel to the north of the country. On its other side, the city abuts the border between Israel and the Palestinian Authority territories. Umm el-Fahem offers visitors an encounter with a fascinating and singular human tapestry—a locality of pronouncedly conservative and traditional nature that has become a large, vibrant, and developing city. With its population of around 60,000, it serves as an economic, social, and cultural hub for the entire Wadi ‘Ara region and the nearby villages.

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