Tortuga Escondida Residency Center

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Founded 2016
Akumal, Mexico


Tortuga Escondida Residency Center is dedicated to supporting scientific studies of our unique ecosystem, offering the inspiration of paradise for artists to create in, and providing a paradigm of wellness; integrating food, practitioners and healing arts. Tortuga Escondida was built to provide low-cost accommodation for volunteer university students in the environmental sciences traveling to conduct field studies of the unique ecosystems of this region of the Yucatan Peninsula. Our bed/board facility provides a much needed low cost option to further the necessary research of this unique spot on the planet. Formerly the host site for the Akumal International Artist Residency, we are now launching our own program Hidden Turtle Residency for Scientists, Artists, Makers & More. We also host individuals in Self-Directed Residencies. In our community we are one the presenter/producers of the Akumal Arts Festival. In 2018 we hosted 100 artists who created 100 murals.

Local Information

Akumal is in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, on the Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is approximately 1 hour ½ from the Cancun International Airport. In the Mayan language the name Akumal means "Home of the Turtle". In Spanish Tortuga Escondida is "Hidden Turtle". This region is rampant with unique archaeological, cultural, and scientific significance. It holds incredible beauty. The Mesoamerican Reef lines the shore, a major nesting grounds for endangered Green and Loggerhead turtles. Where undeveloped, mangroves form the borderlands between sea, dune and jungle. The world’s largest underground river system runs under our feet, flowing towards the sea. The Mayan jungle is the home of Tortuga Escondida Residency Center. While it feels as if we are very secluded in dense forest, the Center is approximately 15 minutes to the beach side and pueblo of Akumal, close to "town" for money exchange, medical assistance, restaurants, laundry and markets.

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