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Founded 2020
Joutsa, Finland


Things that we value, but are being progressively lost – from soil to silence, from biodiversity to a sense of purpose, from affinity to (un)connectedness – have all served as inspiration for TUO TUO’s Kulttuuri Tila [space for cultural cultivation] & Residency. TUO TUO aims to function as an incubator for expression and new ideas, a place where solitary breeds solidarity. We support radical thinking across disciplines by providing space, proximity to nature, and a platform to exchange ideas that are free and open to all. TUO TUO prioritizes projects and proposals in the fields of Ecological art and research, Ecopsychology, Permaculture, and interactive public works. We believe art functions as a mirror of the wider society; its reverberations are felt beyond the creative community.

Local Information

Located in Joutsa, a rural town in the region of Keski-Suomi (Central Finland), TUO TUO’s historic schoolhouse – built in the late ‘20s – served as the Pynnölä village school until 2005. Joutsa is located in the Finnish lake district (Järvi-Suomi), about two and a half hours north of Helsinki. TUO TUO is located 8km from the city center of Joutsa. Local attractions include the community library, coffee roastery, cheese shop, Leivonmäki National Park (a great spot for hiking and fishing), and Haihatus. There is public access to nearby lakes, perfect for swimming. It’s a quiet town, and we love it.

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