Tusen Takk Foundation

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Founded 2020
Leland, United States


“Tusen Takk” means “thousand thanks” in Norwegian and is often used to convey appreciation for something received, like a wonderful dinner or a helping hand. It’s with this same sense of gratitude and grace that the Tusen Takk Foundation was founded - in thankfulness for the transcendent truth and intangible joy that artists, writers, and composers give back to the world in their work. Tusen Takk’s ethos is rooted in caring for the individual artist through time spent at the residency and through sustained engagement with the Foundation’s audiences and network of museum curators, gallerists, critics, and patrons. The Foundation’s website serves as a hub for current and alumni artists to share their personal reflections about the creative process, their chosen fields, and their work with the public. In these ways Tusen Takk nourishes both the creation of art and a dynamic conversation about making the intangible tangible.

Local Information

Located on an isolated peninsula in NW Michigan, Tusen Takk provides artists an inspiring architectural space to both intensely focus on their work and pause to reflect on past and future directions. Leelanau County, Michigan and Tusen Takk’s 6-acre site in particular have a singular beauty about them. Lake Michigan dominates the landscape: an inland sea whose character changes daily, often hourly. At times it’s a raging ocean whose waves crash against the shore with rapidity, at other times its surface is perfectly still resembling a sheet of glass. The unique beauty of Tusen Takk goes beyond its pristine natural setting, or rather, combines it with a different beauty, the kind that stems from the human creative process. Designed by world-renown architect Peter Bohlin, Tusen Takk uses form and materials to connect people to their surroundings. Residing at Tusen Takk is an experience akin to living and working in a sculpture where color, textures, and light joyfully intersect.

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