Open Call



With Funding
Free / No Costs
Beppu, Oita, Japan


・To work on creative activities with any genres, including contemporary art, music, performing arts, filming, literature, design, handcrafts, architecture, and culinary arts. ・Be over 20 years old. ・To be able to speak and understand either English or Japanese in order to communicate with staff and the local community. ・Being able to have a presentation about your past works and activities as well as your outcomes that you had created during the program via online. ・Domestic Artist: must possess Japanese nationality ・Foreign Artist: must possess non-Japanese nationality and reside outside Japan ・Being able to agree with this “Application Guidelines” and participate in this program from the beginning to the end with your own responsibility. *There are also "Requirements upon Acceptance". Please review the "Application Guidelines" for more details.

Number of Participants

3pairs* of 2 people/groups * A pair refers to 1 domestic (Japanese nationality) artist who stays in Beppu City and a foreign (non-Japanese nationality and residing outside Japan) artist works from his/her residing area via online during the program. These 2 artists must cooperate to have an international collaboration project or artwork. The foreign artists are not able to travel to Japan at this time. This may be challenging but a good opportunity for the artists to have a taste of Japan and Beppu in their artworks and creations. Please note that the host is unable to introduce foreign artists to domestic artists and vice versa. Funding: Work creation fee: Up to 400,000 JPY (tax included)/pair Any material, research related (transportation cost at on-site, data and documents etc, communications, rewards and gratitudes), and creation costs will be considered as the work creation fee.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


January 11, 2022 - February 14, 2022


  • ¥400,000 stipend (one-time)


Apartment, Kitchen, Shared Bathroom


No meals


English, Japanese

Program Description

About our residence program, "KASHIMA" “KASHIMA BEPPU ARTIST IN RESIDENCE” is a residence program that BEPPU PROJECT has held in Beppu since 2008. In Japanese, “KASHIMA” refers to the name of the place of your stay in order to heal your body and soul in a bath and spa. One of the aims of this residence program is to promote and develop creations, in connection with the local community and the artists. We are calling for collaboration projects that domestic artists and foreign artists can cooperate using online. While the continuous influence of COVID-19, it is time to challenge for expressions and creations that can be done with this circumstance. Any genres will be welcome. Fundings from the host is available but vary between domestic and foreign artist. Please review the "Application Guidelines" for more details.

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