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Founded 2019
Kyoto, Japan


Located near the Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market in a building owned by KYOKA Kyoto Seika Godo Co., LTD, a wholesale produce business, KAGAN HOTEL is a multipurpose arts facility that combines studio and exhibition space with a residency program for young artists. Operated by May Co, LTD, a real estate development company focused on cooperative living spaces, the newly renovated building officially opened to the public in November of 2019. Breaking the boundary between Co-Working space and the traditional hotel, KAGAN HOTEL is a residency-based multipurpose arts facility where young artists can develop their work and pursue their art in a cooperative living environment. It is a place where art lovers and art practitioners come together from around the world.

Local Information

Situated in Sujakuhozo-cho, just west of the Kyoto City Central Wholesale Market, mornings at KAGAN HOTEL are filled with the sights and smells of the local living culture. Because in the Heian Period, "Korokan," a facility for diplomatic purposes, was established and served as a place to welcome people from overseas, and from the Taisho Period, it grew to become the oldest central wholesale market in Japan. During the Showa Period, it became widely known as a wholesale market for vegetables and fruits so now the market is still in full swing, and the unique flavors of Kyoto food culture are palpable. The surrounding area has seen increasing development in recent years, and further regeneration of previously vacant buildings is expected in the future, as people are drawn towards the neighboring Umekoji Park. For KAGHAN HOTEL, the idea is to undergo the renovation process while paying respect for the area’s history — to create a space where artists of all backgrounds can gather.

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