Art Center Haihatus

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Founded 2012
Joutsa, Finland


Haihatus Art Center offers accomodation and shared studios for artists, writers and researchers of varying fields. There are good possibilities for interactivity and collaboration in the art center and it is also the aim of the Haihatus residency. It is possible for artists to organize happenings to perform and presentate their own art. Twice a year joint exhibitions are open for all visual art residents to participate. Six accomodation rooms are sized 17 - 23 m2 (four single and two double rooms), artist studios and practice spaces are 10 - 60 m2. Residency periods range from one month up to six full calendar months. Each room has a tiny kitchen of its own. The fee (650/month/single room/person or 975/month/double room/couple) includes the right to use the shared studios, a joint kitchen-living room, electric sauna, etc. The allergic ones might be good to be aware that there are three cats living in the residence house. Applications is in Haihatus website

Local Information

Haihatus is a lively, relaxed and interactive meeting place for various forms of arts. It is located in Joutsa, a small rural community in central Finland. You can also arrange your own happenings to perform your own art. Or you can just rest and get inspired by the forests and lakes in Finland and find new international artist friends. Haihatus is an easygoing place to be.  The aim of the organization is to promote art without borders, both in making the art as well as presenting it. Haihatus is best known for its annual contemporary art summer exhibition. In the Haihatus yard there are three houses: exhibition house Haihatus, residence house Utopia and art event house Fantasia. The purpose is to provide space for creation, encourage exchange between artists and different artistic disciplines as well as to active the art life in and around the Haihatus Art Center.

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