Art Project Diffusion

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Founded 2016
Kramatorsk, Ukraine


The art project Diffusion is the artistic initiative by Kramatorsk Art Museum and some local and Germany base artists. Project functions from 2016. The main idea is to re-shape the art life in Kramatorsk and eventually in whole eastern Ukraine away from post Soviet art to more open and plural art perception.

Local Information

East Ukraine cites Kramatorsk and Mariupol are small industrial, but very green towns that due to geo-political turbulence became a kind of centers of eastern Ukraine: The difference is in Mariupol being costal port city and Kramatorsk is steppe city. By choosing Kramatorsk and Mariupol as the base for the residency we hope to offers a unique experience when it comes to discovering the cultural transitions which are so characteristic to all ‘Post-Soviet’ era of the Eastern European countries.

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