ARTErra residências rurais artisticas

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Founded 2010
Tondela, Portugal


ARTErra, is a private structure of incentive to the arts and creation. In a laboratory logic, the artist finds in Arterra a house with a series of comforts and a "garden to create", where several studios and rooms for creative processes and development of an artistic work with or without need for public presentation. It´s a multidisciplinary residency, the spaces and workshop rooms and facilities are preapered to adapt to diferent disciplines. You can apply and plan your stay from 1 week up to 6 month

Local Information

Arterra is a multidisciplinary artistic residence in a quiet and green small village in the North/Center Portugal. We offered the artists two distinct spaces, the house where they can do the meals, rest, meet,read... And the "creation yard", with different work rooms, sound studio and open air gardens, animals and trees.Also in the main square of our village we have a workshop room that artists can use to work, interact with locals, exhibit work... We are committed to do the best to provide a inspiring work environment to our guests. We are prepared to receive multidisciplinary art projects.

Network Affiliations

  • Res Artis
  • Alliance of Artist Communities
  • On the Move

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