Culture & Energy NGO

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Founded 2003
Shtraklevo village, Bulgaria


Culture and Energy is an NGO established in 2003 by a group of artists and researchers.The main goal of the organization is to investigate the various levels of the c interactions between Art/Culture and Science/Nature. Within the implemented projects of the organization, Nature is seen as an environment, a resource and catalyst of both: the creative process and the interdisciplinary research. The purpose is to stimulate the creation of art works that encouraged the transformation in the thinking and attitudes to Nature. For the realization of its goals, ten years after the foundation of the organization, Culture & Energy NGO built a space where Art, Culture, Science and Creativity are united in the name of the vibrancy and sustainability of the community, under the name C&E Artist in Residence program.

Local Information

Residence program is trans-disciplinary laboratory for artist with the idea to provide time for creativity work in a stimulating environment. The Residential place is situated in the organization’s house in Shtraklevo village, Ruse area, Bulgaria. Specific Resources of the place: The natural characteristics of our region Natural Park “Lom River - Ruse” – with its variety of rare and protected species of plants and animals; the specific landscape; the Natural Preserve “Sreburna” under the protection of UNESCO; various Wetlands zones along the Danube River Village of Shtruklevo Perfect location - on the edge of the Natural Preserve “Lom River - Ruse” and at the same time it’s in the surroundings of Ruse town and about 70 km of Bucharest.

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