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Founded 2017
Lisbon, Portugal


This residency is an opportunity for international artists to stay and work in Lisbon for one to six months. The Euroatla residency is an independent artist space meant for self-sufficient artists looking for a place of reflection away from their usual environment. Euroatla has two formats of residency to choose from. The first is an independent residency solely based at Euroatla while the other is done in partnership with Hangar, which includes an open day and curatorial support. Outside of ordinary constraints such as day jobs, commissions and exhibition deadlines, residencies offer artists the time, space and resources to experiment with their work and try new approaches. By connecting with Lisbon’s art scene and being in a new context artists can take away new ideas and viewpoints that will benefit the development of their practice.

Local Information

Euroatla used to be an old sea transportation office and small warehouse located by the harbor of Lisbon connecting Lisbon with África and South América and now is a house for connecting international artists connecting the local with the global. Euroatla is an independent studio space that runs a studio residency . The place is located in the new upcoming art district of Beato-Marvila. The space is self-contained and is a living and working space located in a building with one more studio that is used by Portuguese artists.

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