Hangar / Centro de Investigação Artística

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Founded 2009
Lisbon, Portugal
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HANGAR is an Artistic Research Center, located in the area of Graça, in Lisbon. HANGAR includes several platforms for action, including: a center of artistic residences, studios for artists, an art education center, an exhibition and public program. HANGAR is an independent space run by artists and curators. It is a place for experimentation, research and reflection of artistic practices. The space is a point of convergence of various areas of contemporary artistic processes. HANGAR aims to act as a catalyst of experience in the connection between artists, researchers and other artistic initiatives. It aims to encourage discussion of the emerging contemporary art, stimulating the development of artistic and theoretical practices motivated by experimental and shared experiences.

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From the concept of unification of certain geographies, cultures and identities, HANGAR seeks to organize and produce the development of cross-disciplinary artistic projects in the Visual Arts, integrating public presentations and taking Lisbon as the focus of intervention.

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  • Res Artis
  • Alliance of Artist Communities

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Alumni Reviews

2017 Alumni - Artists Residency

If you are attending this residency with the expectations of critical feedback, well supplied work spaces, or interaction with the staff...this is not the residency you want to attend! Yes, the website is great and speak all the correct art language, but these things will never materialize. The communication between the staff and the artists is non-exisistant unless it regarding collecting your fees. There are no real facilities for making art, and or presenting work. When it comes time for your “open day” where you present your work, the outreach to local galleries, curators, press will not happen. There is no orientation for meeting your fellow residents either. You will have to figure this out for yourself. Also there are permanent artists studios upstairs, you won’t meet those artists either. Did I get work done while I was there? Yes I did. Could I have done that work in my own studio and saved the money? Yes! This residency presents well online, but in reality it’s not worth it.