House Of Third Swish (HOTS)

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Founded 2015
West Java, Indonesia


House OF Third Swish (HOTS) is an new art organization that provide accommodation and organize a exhibition, performance, research, seminar, and workshop for artists and researchers who have a plan for residency in Gede Pangrango National Park area. Here, the artists / researchers who come can explore many kinds of flora, fauna, culture and way of life of the people in Gede Pangrango mountain area. During the residency, the artists who come will produce knowledge that will be appreciated by the people around, and this interaction is interesting to be understood as an exchange of knowledge and culture.

Local Information

Located in Cianjur regency, west Java-Indonesia, where many interesting places around our house, such as flower gardens, waterfalls, hills, mountains and conservation forests of flora and fauna.

Network Affiliations

  • Res Artis
  • Asialink

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