L'Expressoir Artist Residency

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Founded 2019
Marnay Sur Seine, France
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L'Expressoir is an artist residency focusing on bringing people together to emphasize the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchanges through music and art. L'Expressoir invites emerging and established artists of all disciplines for a time and space away from their usual environments. We provide an opportunity for artists to reflect, research, create, and present in the small, rural village of Marnay Sur Seine, France. Duration of Residency: 1 to 2 months ​ L'Expressoir offers each artist support for the following aspects of the residency: ​ -Private bedroom with private bathroom -Shared kitchen with other artists in residence -Private art studio -Possibility of individual exhibition/Artist talk -Weekly trips to the farmer's market/local establishments for groceries/art supplies, etc. -Two group outings per residency to research the Champagne-Ardenne region -Information about daily logistics as well as the regional arts scene ​Rates: ​1,150 euros per month

Local Information

L'Expressoir allows regional, national, and international artists the opportunity to exchange professional and emotive approaches towards new experiences and aesthetic realities. Located in the historic village of Marnay Sur Seine (1 hour by train from Paris), L'Expressoir emphasizes the connection between the local community and the diverse artists this village attracts. This residency encourages projects promoting the interaction and relationships between different cultures worldwide. Directly across the street from the artist residency, L'Expressoir Cafe offers a creative gathering location for visiting artists to engage in conversation with the local community as well as artists from nearby residencies. The cafe regularly hosts music concerts, readings, and events to foster multi cultural connections. Marnay Sur Seine lies in the beautiful Champagne Ardenne region. Its open spaces, its agricultural landscapes, its woods and forests, and the valley of the Seine is rich in history.

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2019 Alumni - L'Expressoir

I had a wonderful time at L'Expressoir. It's a residency and it's more than that. I came back feeling like I had a new family in France. I felt like I participated in something that will have lasting impact on me for the rest for life. That being said, I came here to create art and I wasn't disappointed. The studio rooms are almost too generous. There is so much space! Everything was really clean. I appreciated that all the walls in the studios were freshly painted white. The room I stayed in felt so luxurious, but also really cosy. The kitchen downstairs was fully stocked with coffee/spices/cooking equipment. The cafe across the street open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is a perfect time to meet all the locals! I felt like I had more community in this tiny village of 200 something people than in my big city back home in Germany. The scenery in Marnay is also wonderful! Endless chances to explore and get inspiration for art!