La Maison de Beaumont

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Founded 2020
beaumont de pertuis, France


La Maison de Beaumont offers an Artist Residency & Retreat Program in the South of France (Provence & Luberon region). Our residency has been featured on the ResArtis network (a worldwide network of 550 vetted members operating in 75 countries), as well as on the Artist Communities and ArtConnect networks.

Local Information

La Maison de Beaumont’s residency aims to provide its residents with a holistic experience, allowing them to fully disconnect from their usual point of reference and immerse themselves into the Provençal lifestyle, the essence of which is beauty, simplicity, quality and tranquility. The Luberon region is a special part of Provence which has been so well preserved that it feels like one has travelled back in time. The village of Beaumont-de-Pertuis itself is a medieval town dating back to the 11th century. The town was built on high grounds, surrounded by vineyards, lavender fields and forested hills, making it an ideal setting for meditative hikes and exploration. Our Former Residents have reported feeling revived and inspired after the residency, which brought clarity and focus into their artistic work as well as their personal lives.

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