Lakkos artists residency

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Founded 2015
Iraklio, Greece


The 'Lakkos Artists Residency' runs in combination with an urban regeneration project called, 'The Lakkos Project'. The aim of both projects is to bring creativity and life back to a fascinating neighborhood, on the beautiful island of Crete. 'The Lakkos project' is a community based project who works alongside the Municipality of Heraklion to improve the Lakkos area. The groups have so far brought street art, music/ film festivals, restoration of old house facades, and performance art to the area. The project is not for profit and relies heavily on donations and volunteers. The Lakkos artists residency is a big old house with spaces for artists to work, live and exhibit.

Local Information

Heraklion city Heraklion is the largest city on the Greek island of Crete. The main airport and most ferries are also in Heraklion. The city has seen much thoughtless development, but the area of Lakkos is a hidden gem right in the centre of the old city. Heraklion is the largest city of Crete and one of Greece’s major urban centers. Its development begun in the wake of the 9th century AD (in antiquity, Knossos was the island’s most important centre, followed by Gortyn). In later times, Heraklion came under Arabic, Venetian and Ottoman rule; its conquerors initially gave it the name Khandaq orHandak which was corrupted to Candia. During the 2004 Olympic Games, the city of Heraklion provided one of the venues for the football tournament. Among the most outstanding sights of Heraklion are the fortification walls that delimit the “old city”. The first fortifications were built by the Arabs and were later reinforced by the Venetians (15th century).

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