Menorca Pulsar

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Founded 2016
Ferreries, Spain


We are Carles Gomila and Jorge Fernández Alday, two professional artists who organize workshops with great masters at paradise. We love meeting people like you, and we make sure that on your getaway to Menorca Pulsar you only breathe paint and good vibes. During our workshops, you will live in a mansion in the countryside, where you will be super well attended and surrounded by nature. Here we gather artists from all over the world to paint at full throttle and live along with a great master. We know that you would love to know more about the teacher and the rest of the students, take some wines and talk a lot about painting and so many other things. Menorca Pulsar is an artistic boot camp where not improving is not an option. Our mansion is at the perfect retreat to get inspired: Menorca, a small island in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. During Spring and Fall,​ a teacher and a tribe of art lovers come together in order to share work and free time.

Local Information

Menorca is a small piece of paradise within the western Mediterranean, a pearl bathed by calm seas and sheltered by a gentle climate. An unending range of colors melts into each other: blue skies, turquoise seas, dark green woods, brown rocks, white beaches. Son Triay house is located at a high plateau of Menorca's countryside, surrounded by 126 hectares of agricultural land, pastures, and forests. Its quiet gardens are just a few kilometers away from south coast virgin beaches. All rooms are at Son Triay, a fascinating neoclassic mansion at Menorca countryside. It has 6 shared rooms and 6 single rooms, besides 5 annexed bungalows for groups or families, as well as other facilities to be used by the participants: swimming pool, sitting rooms, terraces, gardens, chapel, tennis court, etc. Everything just a few minutes away from the legendary south coast virgin beaches.

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