Nes Artist Residency

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Founded 2008
Skagaströnd, Iceland


Nes is a process-oriented residency that strives to cultivate an environment where artists can craft their experience as they wish; whether that may be through conceptual development, research, or intervention and experimentation, artists have the utmost freedom while in residence at Nes. The residency's structure is therefore left open in order to cater to individuality and spontaneity. We work to provide a safe space where all art forms, intellectual and creative pursuits, methods of artistic investigation, and aesthetic inquiry are accepted, nurtured, and celebrated. As a remote residency located in a unique, stunning, and challenging environment, Nes encourages artists to draw inspiration from place and take advantage of the solitude (and presence), our surrounding environment provides. Nes allows all artists to enter into an immersive space so that the artistic process can develop and thrive.

Local Information

Nes is a remote residency located in the small town of Skagaströnd overlooking the Húnaflói bay in north west Iceland. Population is around 450. Whilst the town is remote and small all needs are catered for, there is a cafe/restaurant, gas station, supermarket, pharmacy, hire car facility, museum, guesthouse, pool, school, kindergarten and church. The town boasts a small but active community engaged in a raft of activities including, culture, sport and science.

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