NEST Art Residency

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Founded 2013
Yerevan, Armenia


The Nest Art Residency welcomes artists, writers, curators, cultural managers, and art researchers, providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Yerevan while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in Armenia’s creative sphere. Located in an elegant villa within ICA Yerevan, Nest Art Residency provides each resident with full accommodation and working space. ICA Yerevan also houses a library, two auditoriums, a full-equipped kitchen and a garden, all of which are at the disposal of the residents. NEST Art Residency offers its residents an orientation meeting, an introduction to the local art scene and networking with experts related to resident’s field, and a final presentation of the resident’s artistic or research project results. The presentation is open and upon the resident’s choice – artist talk and workshop to performance and exhibition).

Local Information

The residency space includes two private bedrooms, two art studios, a shared kitchen, a shared bathroom, and a garden. Individual residencies can last from a few days to up to one month. We offer an orientation meeting, introduction to the local art scene and networking with the experts in specific cultural and/or research fields of the resident, a final presentation of resident’s research/project results (the format is open and upon the resident’s choice – from small presentation to exhibition). How to apply Please fill the Nest Art Residency application form Pricing 12.500 AMD (30€) per day; 100.000 AMD (240 €) per week; 350.000 AMD (840 €) per month. A 50% prepayement is required.

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