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Founded 2017


Inspired in Ghosted Publics- the unacknowledged collective in the contemporary transformation of the circulation of ideas by andrew murphie, PotentA___ (2017) is borned as a ghost publishing print, committed to edit, translate, disseminate, and reproduce essays, interviews, images, creative writing, and prose poetry, through exclusive limited short-run releases. The primary objective of PotentA___ is to foster the exploration of ideas related to spatial narratives, embodiment, bilingual poetry, and public space within the realm of the printed matter. Many of our publications are made available through a well-established network of specialized shops in artist's books and contemporary art practices. Some of the prints can be found at Casa Bosques, Otra Cosa Sin, in Mexico City, Más Allá in Puebla, and Art Metropole in Canada.

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PotentA____ Editorial Residency is launched as a space for collective collaboration and experimentation, primarily dedicated to spanish-speaking and spanglish content. The aim is to collectively explore alternative spatial possibilities within the editorial architecture, challenging the conventions of art circulation and its practices from the perspective of artistic practice and self-publishing. Taking as the main axes of our work those contents that inquire into: Spatial Narratives, Embodiment, Poetry, and Public Space, we will publish as a spatial deployment. This aims to delve into the possibilities of the continuous mutation that publishing represents today from artistic and curatorial practices.

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