Yan Garden

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Founded 2013
Dongguan, China


Yan Garden is a revitalization project in Dongguan under Yan Concept. The location of the project has undergone for more than 30 years of historical changes, from the “self-taught university” to the former site of “Yanling Guesthouse”. It is like a witness to a story to carry historical missions in different periods. Up to now, Yan Garden has been reformed to a new landmark with original features and brand-new functions through its socially valuable development plan. In the field of art, Yan Garden is committed to providing a new platform for new generation artists at home and abroad to showcase their talents, share ideas and interact with each other. We are also intent to provide the public with a place of historical traditions as well as artistic and cultural creativity

Local Information

Yan Concept aims to recruit international young artists through Young Yan Artists Residence Program. By supporting and providing assistance in this project, young artists are given a platform for artistic creation, innovation and practice. In 2019, the participants will take Dongguan as the base and research object for understanding the local culture and art atmosphere in order to integrate their art piece with local culture through the study and research of the surrounding communities and regions, visiting the surrounding art institutions and art exchanges. At the same time, we hope that the Young Yan Artists Residence Program can be the stepping stone for young artists to learn about world art frontier information through sharing and exchange with other artists, to inspire their creativity and to help them to carry out independent artistic creation and research. Most importantly, a valuable chance to show their talents in the international art stage.

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