Open Call

Epecuen Residency

Ambos Mundos

No Funding
Epecuen, Adolfo Alsina, Argentina


We are looking for international visual artists that work with ephemeral art, site specific live actions, interventions, installations, performance, sound art, photography, video, research projects, sculpture, drawing, and painting, as well as other contemporary art mediums. Siete artists will be chosen by our selection committee. In keeping with the history of the region, we propose that residents approach and produce visual works that manifest themselves around and thus enhance the value of the theme, “Architecture of Desolation.” We seek to reflect on cycles that leave their record in a desolate landscape during uncertain times. Contemporary art comes to inhabit the paradigm of a ruinous landscape. Not concerning aesthetics but as a model of poetic construction, encapsulated by the fragmented, waste, and by-products of civilization.

Number of Participants

This residency seeks 6 artists undergoing field research, developing their sense of personal expression, and exploring their relationship with the land through different mediums. Villa Epecuén is the name of a touristic Argentine village that is now in ruins. It is located in the Adolfo Alsina partido, 540 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires. The thermal waters of lake Epecuén have a high level of salinity, similar to the Dead Sea, which have generated a growing interest for wellness tourism. In 1985, a flood caused by the rising waters of the lake submerged the city completely, forcing the evacuation of its residents. Twenty years later, the water level began to descend, and the ruins of the city have become a tourist attraction, providing a landscape for photographers, musicians, and cinematographers. Within the desolated landscape lie the ruins of architect Salamone’s slaughterhouse, which was completed in 1938.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 23, 2019 - May 06, 2019


  • $1,200.00 program fee




Guest House, Home-Stay


Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch

Public Programs

Discussion, Exhibition, Retreat


Curatorial, Documentary, Drawing, Dreamers, Fiber Arts, Film, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Intervention, Land Art, Makers, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Public Art, Textile, Thinkers, Video Art, Visual Arts


English, Portugese , Spanish

Program Description

Duration: 14 days 8 days in Epecuen 6 days in San Isidro, Buenos Aires Includes: *Round trip: Buenos Aires to Epecuén (550 Km) *Each artist will be responsible for their arrival to Buenos Aires *Accommodation in the San Carlos Ranch, located in Epecuén and in San Isidro Buenos Aires.. Shared bedroom and bathroom. Shared work space. *Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in Epecuen *Artists will live in a large communal house that has two bedrooms and one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a gallery. *Each artist should bring their own materials. *Field work / Daily visits and a tour of Epecuén ruins / Visit and tour of the municipal slaughterhouse (architect Salamone) *Days of exchange, reflection, and debate for the development and enrichment of critical thinking *Exhibition in Ambos Mundos Gallery, of artwork produced during the residency Ask for more information

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