Open Call

New call - Tamed and Wild - Wathercolour workshop in the Tuscan Mugello Valley

Corniolo Art Platform

No Funding
Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy


Please, to sign up for the workshop send an email named‭ ‬“Application Domestic Wildness 2019”‭ ‬provides by CV‭, ‬your personal informations and contacts‭ (‬up 2‭ ‬page‭) ‬to‭: ‬ This residency is a community experience‭.‬ Meals are prepared and eaten together‭.‬ Accommodation is in shared rooms‭ (‬two triples and one double‭)‬‭.‬ Bathrooms are shared‭. ‬Single rooms are not provided‭.‬ The drawing tools are borne by the participant‭.‬ The list of the required will be communicated after registration‭.‬

Number of Participants

The number of participants is max‭. ‬10‭. ‬


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


July 26, 2019 - July 28, 2019


  • €220.00 program fee (one-time)




Castle, Factory, Live/Work, Shared Bathroom, Shared Room


Breakfast, Coffee, Dinner, Lunch, Snacks, Tea, Vegetarian

Public Programs

Courses, Discussion


Drawing, Illustration, Interdiscplinary Arts, Painting, Social Practice, Visual Arts


English, Italian

Program Description

The secular park of‭ ‬Villa Corniolo is divided into two areas‭, ‬the front is a‭ ‬bright garden‭, ‬with cut meadows‭, ‬hedges of roses and citrus plants‭, ‬while behind the villa the forest grows more wild‭, ‬shady‭, ‬with spontaneous herbs‭, ‬and bamboo reeds‭, ‬too‭.‬ What happens in these places‭? ‬How‭ ‬do they reveal themselves to our eyes‭, ‬what are the characteristics that predispose order and chaos‭? ‬What are‭ ‬the perceptual and compositional differences‭ ‬of two places that cross one another while remaining so distinct‭?‬ During the workshop‭ ‬we will immerse in a almost‭ ‬“meditative”‭ ‬observation of the animal and vegetable‭ ‬life that inhabits the park‭, ‬the shapes‭, ‬colors and light of these places‭, ‬and then‭ ‬we will reproduce them on the map drawing on plain air‭, ‬preparing the appropriate colours‭ ‬and experimenting with techniques suitable for the two different environments‭.‬

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