authority of small objects

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Founded 2018
New Delhi, India


a small object is spatially in proximity to zero, the origin, or the prototype. it stands as an antithesis to the large-scale and the colossal with the same powers of emotion, magic and provocation. in art and in history, small objects like tablets, toys, reliquary boxes, and miniature paintings have always been scaled for human intimacy; to be viewed, displayed, held and worn close to the human body. the economy of size also means portability, therefore easily migrating to and occupying familiar territories. authority of small objects will focus on this small-scale. it is an online / pop-up contemporary art gallery and residency programme welcoming early-career and emerging artists across a diverse portfolio of drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. all artworks will have to fit inside a cube of 30 x 30 x 30 cm reflecting a diversity of forms, mediums, contexts, origins, methods— all celebrating, provoking and refining the power of art.

Local Information

the residency programme is hosted across 5 different locations across the northern reaches of india- palampur and kasauli in the state of himachal pradesh, and mussoorie, lansdowne and ramgarh in uttarakhand. each of the locations have their unique history, craft traditions and nature trails. a small brick and mortar showroom is located in New Delhi.

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