fundacion casa xaan

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Founded 2013
Macario Gómez, Mexico


FUNDACION CASA XAAN has as mission the study, research and diffussion of Quintana Roo cultural heritage and its link with contemporary artistic expresion and world life, performs on model for low impact housing utilizing mayan architecture on a minimal, low density, low tech, jungle concept.  Xaan in Ná (maya: house out of palms) is an of the grid rural complex alocated at the Mayan Area of central Quintana Roo, MEXICO, at a small town on the road that connects the ancient city of Coba with Tulum ruins on the beach. IG:xaaninna

Local Information

XAANINNA is well communicated towards most points of interest about northern Yucatan Peninsula, like mayan civilization ruins, white sand beaches, hidden caves into the underground rivers, colonial cities, trapped in time towns, etc. Might be the most underestimated asset around the language, uses and costumes still present among the native people as heritage from one of the most important civilizations of antiquity.

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