HONF Foundation

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Founded 1999
Yogyakarta, Indonesia


The House Of Natural Fiber started as Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory, it was run by a community in Yogyakarta. They implement a methodology called Open –Community, which is mostly concerned with the needs of cross-collaborative actions responding to technology development and practical use in daily life. In the beginning, they started off as a young community with various backgrounds and ideals. They wanted to do whatever they wished, but with a natural inclination to create with the spirit of togetherness and not to work simply for personal profit. They creation is pointing for themselves, their family, the society and their environments. This was the basis for the first actions and the commitment between them. Since 1999, they have been concentrating on the principles of critique and innovation. Thinking forward, positivity and creativity have become the vision for HONF.

Local Information

HONF Foundation based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Located in the central of Java Island, Yogyakarta itself is a unique cultural city famous for its culture, tradition and as a student city. HONF is located in the central of Yogyakarta, 500 m from the Sultan Palace, and in the central of art communities, galleries as well as touristic area. For years, artists from all over Indonesia and beyond have flocked to Jogja to plug into and contribute to the vibrant artistic community, making it a city that pulsates with creative energy wherever you look. Unlike a number of other art centers in the world, the vibe in Jogja is casual, down-to-earth, open and welcoming to anyone who has a genuine interest in learning about the scene.

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