Open Call

16 Days Laboratory in the Nature


With Funding
Free / No Costs
Stadt Wehlen, Germany


What we are looking for the Laboratory: For full time participation, we are looking for artists/researchers who are willing to join us with an openness for unpredictable experimentations of re-inventing our transformative ‘selves’, without expectations on a certain setting and form of outcome. All we would appreciate here is a respect and curiosity to any kind of space altering and mutating engines that will probably be activated during the time of living together. For part-time participation, we are looking for an artistic/personal practices that is a shareable experience through the format workshop, guided practice, one-on-one/group therapy, happening, lecture, collaborative experiment and improvisation, (interactive) installation and performance, which incorporates the given natural/unnatural environments. We are particularly interested in projects that work with recycled materials, natural materials, non-materials, and food / eatables, but not limited to these spheres.

Number of Participants

With this open call we will like to invite: – 5 laboratory participants for the duration of 16 days, from 14th to 29th of August 2021 (including 28-29 public event) We expect you to be actively participating the 14 days Laboratory’s programmes provided by you and the other 4 participant from the call, also with 5 collective members. During this period, there will also be 5 visiting part-time artists, and 1-2 invited experts. On the final weekend, we will present your outcomes as an one-day-one-night public event. – 5 short-term participants for the duration of 3 days, anytime between 14th to 29th of August 2021 (including 28-29 public event) We envision you having an existing work that would “touch” us, and be adaptable to the public event, or a distinctive action that could only happen on a certain time-space during the laboratory period, or a long-distant collaboration/interaction with the laboratory artists. *please download and read the PDF for more details


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


August 14, 2021 - August 29, 2021


  • $200.00-500.00 stipend (one-time)


Co-Working, Desk Space, Installation Space, Shared Studio, Sound Studio, Wood Shop


Kitchen, Live/Work, Shared Bathroom, Shared Room


Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Vegan, Vegetarian

Public Programs

Community Engagement , Discussion, Exhibition, Performances, Self-Directed, Teaching Exchange, Visiting Professionals, Workshops, Yoga



Program Description

With this year’s theme “_-m(- u-)lti-yo(- u-)u-s-m(- u-)lti- ̄ ”, we would like to invite you to participate in a process-orientated collective experimentation and creation. We wish the formation of such contacts may evolve as a living organism that is interwoven by and with the entities like the ‘(-multi-) you’ and every other “yous” will encounter in the near future. We would like to establish dialogues between participants’ experience and expertise, and develop into visions of speculative scenarios, that could bring about novel approaches to reconsider, re-imagine, re-store, and re-invent embodiments that encourage us to (re-) discover the ‘multiple natures’ within and beyond our ‘multiple selves’. For a solidarity among various spaces, agencies, systems and societies — that is, to deconstruct, merge, transform, interweave the ‘outside’ and the ‘inside’, and to eventually open up potential ‘spaces’ for the ‘multiples’ yet to come. *please download and read the PDF for more detail

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