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Modern Composition with Gavin Bryars - ONLINE


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Participants from all musical backgrounds are welcome, whether classically trained, improvisers, sound artists, installation artists, conceptual artists or favouring any other approach.

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Number of participants: 7.


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August 12, 2020 - August 16, 2020


  • £269.00 program fee (one-time)


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Courses, Discussion, Professional Development, Visiting Professionals, Workshops


Composers, Music Composition


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Program Description

This course does not take a narrow dogmatic line, but rather will take Gavin's work as a starting point to examine compositional forms and strategies, working closely with the group members' existing practice and methods, and with the aim of each student developing a finished work. Bring works in progress to be developed; or start on something new whether alone or collectively. Sessions will include: Individual tuition sessions, examining and developing each student's existing work and practice; Group sessions examining different types of musical material, including vocal music (both solo and ensemble), string music, opera, music for dance, composing in relation to music from the past, and arranging the music of others; Access to a list of resources compiled by Gavin; and, Development of each student's work towards performance and/or release post-workshop. Full details:

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