Open Call

North AiR: Expanding Entanglements

Scottish Sculpture Workshop

With Funding
Free / No Costs
Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom


We are accepting applications from artists who: • Are based in Scotland with a view to participating in the Finnish programme (or) • Are based in Finland with a view to participating in the Scottish programme • Have a proven track record of making trans disciplinary work / research spanning (but not limited to) visual arts, live art and performance, dance, science, geography, anthropology and social practices. (A guideline for this is 5 years out of education, but we understand that experiences are developed over varying time periods so this is not a rigid marker). • Are able to commit to the timeline and dates outlined in the schedule.

Number of Participants

Two artists will be selected to participate in this pilot residency aimed at restructuring and considering the requirements of the artist to be perpetually globally mobile for increasingly short phases. Artists will spend one month consecutively with each organisation in Scotland or Finland, gaining contact with three unique ecosystems over a total period of three months. The North AiR Finnish partners are Mustarinda, KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre and Bioart Society. Together they will support one Scotland-based artist across their three sites in Finland. The North AiR Scottish partners are Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW), Taigh Chearsabhagh and Timespan. Together they will support one Finland-based artist across their three sites in Scotland.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 01, 2019 - June 30, 2019


  • €500.00 material budget
  • €2,400.00 travel budget
  • €3,000.00 stipend


Shared Studio


No meals


Conceptual Art, Multimedia, Research



Program Description

North AiR : Expanding Entanglements is a residency and research cooperation spanning six residency/ arts organisations in Scotland and Finland. Each partner fosters long term enquiries into its role and response-ability within the ecological crisis and together we look towards a post-fossil culture with a trans disciplinary approach. As a key part of this research cooperation we pool our resources and networks to think beyond dominant artist exchange models and look to question the role of artists’ residency in a time of climate breakdown. This programme seeks to explore the multiple knotted knowledges and practices situated between ecology, location, community and history in order to share and learn from these relationships. These residencies do not seek final outcomes but look for applied and expansive research. For more information:

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