Open Call

Pink Flamingo: Clubs in Flux

Flux Factory

No Funding
Free / No Costs
Queens, United States


We are looking for artists/collectives who can evolve their ideas in four interconnected domains: a) Physical (Using Flux Gallery to create a multimedia club installation) b) Audio / Music (Sound that activates the space) c) Performative (Organizing an event/party that utilizes your space to bring people together through music) d) Radio (Using Flux Factory radio for 24/7 creative broadcasting)

Number of Participants

Three installation proposals will be selected. Each installation will be given four days for installation, two days for deinstallation, and be required to host at least one main event. During the buildout of your club space, we hope to occasionally have “open studio” hours where visitors can come see your process as you are creating this space. Flux Factory will arrange for thorough documentation of each installation, which can be subsequently added to both the adjacent archival materials and radio broadcast.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


July 17, 2020 - August 09, 2020


No meals


DJ / Nightlife, Music, Sound Art


No languages listed

Program Description

NYC nightclubs have always been a hotbed of creativity and have nurtured the early careers of talented musicians. These clubs have fostered powerful music scenes over the years, and many of them evolved into sacred spaces for dedicated local communities. However, all good things must come to an end, and as rapidly as nightclubs pop up in NYC they also shut their doors, due to gentrification, restrictive city laws and ordinances around nightlife, and the many other forces of a changing urban environment. As time passes, we begin to lose memories of theses spaces, so there is an urgent need for new ways to preserve and reactualize histories of club culture. Vivid multimedia archives of nightclub experiences can not only maintain memories of the past, but also provoke visions of future socio-cultural landscapes and inspire changes. If you have any questions or want to speak of other potential collaborations, please email the curators at

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