The Lab Program: Art-Research & Mobility Network, México City

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Founded 2017
Mexico City, Mexico


The Lab Program is a cross-disciplinary art laboratory based in Mexico City, receiving one resident per month only. Regardless of the disciplinary background, origin or artistic experience, submissions are open all year long. Applicants interested in questioning their production process and willing to expand their questions through genuine curiosity as main critical guide are welcome to apply. ​ Projects are usually based on site specific production and art research dynamics. The making of artists’ books, as a way to democratize the knowledge of each investigation is highly encouraged but not mandatory.

Local Information

Acording to the nature of the art-practice, participants are guided to develop their ideas and outcomes in relation to the cultural, affective and urban experiences of living in Mexico City. Residents have the opportunity to create new situations, narratives and collaborative projects, based on the experiences of a cultural exchange occurred during each investigation. Residents also get the chance to share their work in public events, usually hosted in one of our peer art-spaces in the City. The format of each public presentation depends on the nature of the project developed during the time of the residency.

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