Open Call

Editorial Residency / Zine, Printed Practices, MX City, Online.

The Lab Program: Art-Research & Mobility Network, México City

With Funding


The processes of publishing and editing since the emergence of social networks have brought a profound transformation in the established collective, encompassing academia, universities, and political organizations. The practice of sampling, scratching, and collage, along with their technical and digital reproducibility, is a possibility not only for disinformation, but also for the dissemination of sensitive, marginalized, and countercultural knowledge. In artistic practice, self-publishing emerges as a way to democratize other fields, processes, and questions that may not necessarily be reflected in the artwork, or that should be considered artwork themselves. Self-publishing collapses the authority of @PotentA__

Number of Participants

Collectives, families, and dual projects are encouraged to apply.


No deadline


January 01, 2024 - January 01, 2025


  • $100.00 material budget (one-time)


  • $250.00 program fee (one-time)


Desk Space, Large Format Printers, Print Shop


No meals

Public Programs

Mural Projects, Online Exhibition, Open Studios, Publication


No languages listed

Program Description

When? The dates are arranged based on the availability of PotentA____ and the individuals involved. Agreements: PotentA____does not have copyright over the edited material but can reproduce the content with your authorization. All zines and printed material is digitized in order to be part of the digital library. 10% of the print run remains in physical form and can be sold at fairs we attend or collaborate with. The Physical Zine Library in Mexico City is hosted at otra cosa sin nombre a gallery workshop and is for on-site public consultation only. Together, we encourage: ● The creation of artist books and short print runs that innovatively explore spatial narratives, poetry, corporeality, and public space. ● Promoting interdisciplinary dialogue. ● Creating an online community. ● Advisory sessions and networking with other independent editors and printing spaces in Mexico City.

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