Open Call

Site-Specific, Spatial Narratives & Embodiment, Open Call 2024, MX City.

The Lab Program: Art-Research & Mobility Network, México City

No Funding
Mexico City, Mexico


Regardless of the disciplinary background, origin or artistic experience, submissions are open all year long. Applicants interested in questioning their production process and willing to expand their questions through genuine curiosity as main critical guide are welcome to apply. Site-specific art making, embodied art-practices and, expanded fields as methods of research in the process of this residency are encouraged. Guidelines & Relevant Information:

Number of Participants

The Lab Program is a cross-disciplinary art laboratory based in Mexico City, founded in 2017, the lab has been hosting and working with other independent art-spaces, in order to receive one resident/project per month.


No deadline


February 01, 2024 - February 01, 2025


  • $670.00 program fee (monthly)


Ceramic Facility, Computer Lab, Desk Space, Gallery, Individual Studio, Large Format Printers, Library, Shared Studio, Sound Studio, Wood Shop


Studio Only


No meals

Public Programs

Community Engagement , Critique, Discussion, Exhibition, Online Exhibition, Open Studios, Panel, Performances, Picnic Baskets, Publication, Readings, Self-Directed, Teaching Exchange, Visiting Professionals, Work Exchange


Architecture, Ceramics, Cinematography, Collective, Conceptual Art, Crafts & Trades, Curatorial, Dance, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Media, Drawing, Film, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Land Art, Moving Image, Performance Art, Photography, Poetry, Printmaking, Public Art, Research, Scholar, Sculpture, Singing, Social Practice, Sound Art, Textile, Thinkers, Video Art, Visual Arts


English, Spanish

Program Description

Residents have the opportunity to create new situations, narratives and collaborative projects, based on the experiences of a cultural exchange occurred during each investigation. Residents also get the chance to share their work in public events, usually hosted in one of our peer art-spaces in the City. The main goal of the Lab is to offer a critical and creative platform that can inform your regular art-practice while considering the context of Mexico City and its Valley. Via a collaborative hosting, this residency works with the engagement of other independent art-spaces, peers. We want to sustain a fair art- mobility, while bringing artists from around the globe that can also be relevalnt in the exchange of art making as knowlange with the local art practicioners that are part of our community. Submissions:

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