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Words, Non-words And Music with Julia Holter


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February 01, 2021 - February 15, 2021


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Computer Lab, Desk Space


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Composers, Conceptual Art, Film, Music, Music Composition, Singing


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Program Description

How do we experience language in music, both as composers and listeners? What kind of meaning exists in words that are sung/uttered in music? Is it a different kind of meaning than the meaning found in words used for everyday communication? Is it possible that there is a better word for a word that is sung (for instance, "song-word")? We will explore these questions by listening to all kinds of vocal music that utilizes conventional words, made-up words, multi-lingual texts, mumbles, babbles, sighs, etc. Julia Holter is a composer, performer, and recording artist based in Los Angeles. Her interest in sonic mysteries has led her to record in various settings - in her home, outside with a field recorder, and in recording studios - as well as to perform live, often with a focus on the voice and the space between language and babble. Holter's music is multi-layered and texturally rich. She has amassed a body of work that explores melody within free song structures, atmosphere, and the imp

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