Open Call

Locus Amoenus - Calling all Arts

Maison Ventidue

No Funding
Bologna, Italy


Locus amoenus urbano. Oxymoron. Considerations on contradiction. The topic comes from the desire to explore the relationship between art, nature and the concept of body. The relationship is a necessary bond, that man establishes with their medio ambiente. It is a balance of natural and artificial elements, material, intangibles and digital dimensions, such as society, the built and the not-built, the objects, the economy and the culture in a given space and in a given time. The topic LOCUS AMOENUS will help us to recognize the differences that inhabit and determine it, in a topographical specificity. This investigation incorporates the poetic, the ephemeral, the bodies in motion, the fleeing thought, and the politics, allowing us to assert ourselves as singularity and a whole, at the same time. The antinomy between pleasant space and urban space is the research on the ethical and aesthetic contradiction of the contemporary.

Number of Participants

The artist, curator, critic and/or researcher selected by the jury shall produce one or more works on the proposed theme. They will also have to respect the environments of L'Appartamento, the materials and the equipment provided, and collaborate with the staff in the realization of the exhibition event that will follow the residence. Priority will be given to applications for projects that include didactic and informational activities, such as talks, workshops, film projections, concerts, and performances. The aim is a site-specific project able to develop the unusual relationship between the body, the apartment, the Santo Stefano district, and the city of Bologna. No limitations are given to the artistic expressions, as long as the experiences developed are able to reflect, broaden, and communicate the topic. L'Appartamento is a work space and does not provide accommodation and food.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 20, 2020 - May 20, 2020


  • €22.00 application fee


Conference Rooms, Fabrication Lab


No meals

Public Programs



English, Italian

Program Description

The selected artist, curator, critic and/or researcher will have at their disposal the space, L’Appartamento, for a period of minimum 3 and maximum 5 weeks, at the end of which the works will be exhibited for a variable period of about 15-20 days. Maison Ventidue provides the following technique: video projector, monitor, audio system, lights, 2 webcams, fixing hardware. The Maison Ventidue association provides logistical, technical and curatorial support for the realization and/or development of the project, offering total willingness to direct artists in the search for any specific materials to be found on site if explicitly mentioned in the project proposal. The residence will be supported by the following program of initiatives: Critical talks and Studio Visits Opportunities to contribute to a public programme of workshops and events Meetings with tutors Critical and practical support

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