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(See program introduction at the bottom of this page.) Matrix of the Not-Yet is looking for contributions that challenge conventions, propose new understandings, and envision transformative futures. Your submission can take any form—visual, audio, written, digital, performative, or experimental—as long as it speaks to the themes outlined above. We welcome submissions spanning across: - New Media Art - Futuristic Art - Eco-Art and Sustainability - Art as Activism - Speculative Design and Critical Futures - Community Organizing - Workshops - Art and Science - Toolkits and Strategies

Number of Participants

20 Maximum


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


April 15, 2024 - June 30, 2024


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Program Description

In a world ruled by chaos and discord, where shadows play their cunning games, and our friends, allies, and loved ones grapple with despair and nihilism, we are called to envision the not-yet — "the contours of another world and another future" (T.J. Demos). It stands inconstant, a shifting blend of entropy and unpredictability, an echo of the unformed, and a playground for emergence. In this magazine issue, not only are we looking at: how might we embody the essence of all that is not yet there, yet inevitably on the cusp of becoming? But also we want to highlight the approaches, methodologies, and strategies that allow the Not-Yet to come into being. About UAAD: Underground Art and Design (UAAD) is an artist-led organization empowering change-provoking artists and designers and encouraging critical discourse through visual arts. For inquiry: Follow us on Instagram:

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