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Seedlings in the Cinders: a writing workshop for all disciplines

Signal Fire

No Funding
Portland, United States


Open to anyone. Students will need a reliable internet connection for this remote workshop.

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May 11, 2021 - May 22, 2021


  • $550.00 program fee (one-time)




No meals

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Acting, Activists, Administrators, Animation, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Arts Administrator, Augmented Reality, Ballet, Biotech, Blacksmith, Book Arts, Cartoonist, Ceramics, Chefs, Choreography, Cinematography, Collective, Comedy, Composers, Conceptual Art, Crafts & Trades, Culinary, Curatorial, Dance, Dance Groups, Design, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Media, DJ / Nightlife, Documentary, Drawing, Dreamers, Entrepreneur , Fiber Arts, Fiction, Film, Glass, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Intervention, Jewelry, Journalism, Land Art, Literature, Makers, Metalsmith, Mime, Mixed Reality, Moving Image, Multimedia, Museum Technology, Music, Music Composition, Nonfiction, Opera, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance Art, Photography, Playwriting, Poetry, Printmaking, Public Art, Puppeteers, Research, Robotics, Scholar, Scientists, Screenwriting, Sculpture, Singing, Social Practice, Sound Art, Start Up, Tech, Textile, Theatre, Theatre Directors, Thinkers, Video Art, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Visual Arts, Wearable Technology, Web Design, Web Development



Program Description

Wide Open Studios presents Seedlings in the Cinders, a remote writing workshop intended to demonstrate the restorative power of the written word for all creative disciplines. Seedlings in the Cinders looks to the catalytic power of wildfire—and the regeneration that ensues—as a metaphor for how we, as artists, can incorporate trauma and grief into powerful creative growth and how writing and art-making can facilitate this resilience. This is a writing workshop for all types of artists, emphasizing the power of thinking through and with words to nurture creativity across disciplines. The structure is unique, and the format represents a bridge from lockdown-life to a cautious resumption of in-person camping. Spanning the cycle from new moon to full, we will meet remotely for the duration. An optional coda to the experience is a three-night meetup-style campout in the Siskiyous, pending an acceptable level of COVID risk. *Scholarships available, read more in "APPLY NOW" link*

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