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THE EARTH OF (3): Ruptures and Reckonings

Arts Letters & Numbers

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This virtual program will be using Zoom for group discussions, individual conversations and critiques. For sharing of works and uploads the online platform Canvas will be used. Both online tools are available for free. Participants of the program are expected to pursue their individual creative endeavor as well as share their work or process with the group. This sharing can be in any format suitable to the work. Everyone participating in an Arts Letters & Numbers program is expected to treat each other with care and consideration as well as be mindful of each other’s space.

Number of Participants



No deadline


October 11, 2021 - November 20, 2021


  • $300.00 program fee (one-time)


No meals

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Activists, Architecture, Conceptual Art, Design, Interdiscplinary Arts, Literature, Multimedia, Poetry, Thinkers



Program Description

The Earth Of: Ruptures and Reckonings is a collective virtual space of inquiry. Through writing and discourse we investigate how to manifest and inhabit the fractures that pervade our lives, allowing for the creative space to grow organically through digressions, tangents, musings, and synchronistic linkages. What does it mean when humanity crosses a threshold of such significance it manifests as a rupture, when the world is on the cusp? The brain wants to organize, filter, and separate out. Yet, beyond the confusion perpetrated by language that fails to adequately define, are spaces. We find meaning when we implicitly inhabit these spaces—gestures that guide the cracks to spread toward shattering. These moments of rupture burst forth from gesture into reckoning, exposing us to what is real and true and essential.

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