Open Call

Tokyo Biennale 2020 "Social Dive" Open Call for Artist-in-Residence Projects

3331 Arts Chiyoda

No Funding
Free / No Costs
Tokyo, Japan


■Application Conditions – Capability to directly face the “Social Dive” theme, and connect deeply with the city of Tokyo itself, its diverse communities, or the intangible cultural values of Japan. – All forms of expression are accepted. Any field is welcome as long as the project deals with social engagement through a wide spectrum of ideas and methods of expression or action. This includes those such as fine art, design, performance, media art, film, architecture, academic research, social action, and economic-related. – Must be able to actually participate as an invited artist and carry out the preparation and development of the exhibition following the notice of their selection. – Must be able to stay and produce work between June to Early July 2020 in order to present works for the opening of the Tokyo Biennale (planned for July 10, 2020).

Number of Participants

The number of participants is planned for between 7 - 13. Results will be determined at a later date.


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


June 01, 2020 - July 31, 2020


Co-Working, Desk Space, Gallery, Shared Studio




No meals

Public Programs

Community Engagement , Critique, Discussion, Exhibition, Festival, Forum, Mentors, Open Studios, Performances, Round Tables, Schools, Self-Directed, Seminars, Workshops


Acting, Activists, Administrators, Animation, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Arts Administrator, Augmented Reality, Ballet, Biotech, Blacksmith, Blockchain, Book Arts, Cartoonist, Ceramics, Chefs, Choreography, Cinematography, Collective, Comedy, Composers, Conceptual Art, Crafts & Trades, Culinary, Curatorial, Dance, Dance Groups, Design, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Media, DJ / Nightlife, Documentary, Drawing, Dreamers, Entrepreneur , Fiber Arts, Fiction, Film, Glass, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Intervention, Jewelry, Journalism, Land Art, Literature, Makers, Metalsmith, Mime, Mixed Reality, Moving Image, Multimedia, Museum Technology, Music, Music Composition, Nonfiction, Opera, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance Art, Photography, Playwriting, Poetry, Printmaking, Public Art, Puppeteers, Research, Robotics, Scholar, Scientists, Screenwriting, Sculpture, Singing, Social Practice, Sound Art, Start Up, Tech, Textile, Theatre, Theatre Directors, Thinkers, Video Art, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Visual Arts, Wearable Technology, Web Design, Web Development


English, Japanese

Program Description

“Social Dive” involves artists diving into the different areas of Tokyo as part of an art project aimed at discovering both the unique traditions, as well as new values held by the people who live there. The project calls for artists whose practice deals with socially engaged art through a wide spectrum of ideas and methods of expression or action; whether it be fine art, design, performance, media art, film, architecture, academic research, social action, economic-related – all fields are welcome. Especially concerning overseas applicants, we wish to support projects that capture through a unique lens the beauty of Japanese traditions or the diversity existing in its contemporary culture; as well as the creation of artworks that shed light on a universality existing on earth through the connections made between Tokyo localities and outside cultures.

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