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Where Do We Draw The Line? A drawing workshop by Adeline Kueh

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Participants are encouraged to bring to the workshop a few images or objects from one’s past and present everyday surrounding.

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Virtual Workshop


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August 23, 2021 - August 25, 2021


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Drawing, Visual Arts



Program Description

This two-part experimental workshop will examine the poetics of Line and Stitch and the ways in which drawing may be used in our everyday practices. We will explore the relationship between drawing and the architecture of the everyday: from the ways a line may be employed as a divider that separates the self from (an)other; to drawing as a form of embodied meaning-making and storytelling across time and space. Reflecting on the inner geography of the pandemic, unpacking placeness and memory through observation of texture and surface, tracing, mark making, frottage, collage, decollage, we will look at the ways the line can become a form of stitching or mending and other kinds of meaning making. We will also examine ways of recording and translating our body, our pulse, breath, blood pressure, gestures and movements in our surroundings as a kind of translation project.

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