Open Call

Sean Cheetham Workshop

Menorca Pulsar

No Funding
Ciutadella, Spain


Free admission (chronologically). Open tuition.

Number of Participants

12 minimum | 18 maximum


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


October 21, 2021 - October 30, 2021


  • €2,695.00 application fee


Apartment, Hotel, Kitchen, Live/Work, Private Bathroom, Private Housing, Private Room, Shared Bathroom, Shared Room


Breakfast, Chef on Site, Coffee, Dinner, Lunch, Tea, Vegan, Vegetarian

Public Programs

Courses, Critique, Demo Day, Discussion, Group Dinners, Mentors, Professional Development, Retreat, Round Tables, Schools, Seminars, Workshops


Conceptual Art, Digital Media, Drawing, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Interdiscplinary Arts, Painting, Visual Arts



Program Description

You will learn that there is a middle ground between what Sean Cheetham does, and the never-ending ceremonial they teach at neoconservative academies. When you see Sean painting you will quickly realize that it’s not necessary to have a model posing for two weeks in order to make a good portrait. There are other ways of observing, painting and learning. At his point, you should know that every lesson tends to be forgotten. But Sean provokes a reaction to a need, and one's reactions are never forgotten. You will also begin to question dubious moral values, such as the superiority of life painting, or that digital painting can’t compete with analogical painting. None of these dogmas has a solid foundation and they should not cut your wings. In addition to teaching efficient techniques from illustration, Sean will open your eyes so you stop relying on schools and start a path of self-learning, working on exercises that maximize your capacity for reaction, speed, and memorability.

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