Open Call

ONASSIS AIR 2021/22 OPEN CALL: The School of Infinite Rehearsals

Onassis AiR

With Funding
Free / No Costs
Athens, Greece


— It is for those who live & work in Greece or anywhere in the world. — There are no age restrictions. — There is no requirement of formal academic degrees. — It is not intended for those who are currently enrolled in an academic program (BA/MA/etc.). — It is for those who seek collective exploration and co-existence with their peers within horizontal, non-hierarchical structures. — It is for those who seek a non-homogeneous, inclusive, and collaborative environment with other practitioners coming from diverse disciplines and practices. — Collectives are eligible to apply. Due to the small size of each Movement group, only one representative of the collective can take part in the program of The School of Infinite Rehearsals of Onassis AiR. — Onassis AiR does not offer individual artist studio spaces. All spaces are meant to be shared and used collectively. — Full-time participation is required. — The working language of the program is English.

Number of Participants

4 Groups of 6 Participants for a duration of 7 weeks each


Selection Results (Announcement Dates)


September 06, 2021 - June 19, 2022


  • €5,000.00 material budget (one-time)
  • €2,500.00 stipend (one-time)


Co-Working, Desk Space, Film Editing Suite, Library, Shared Studio, Sound Studio




Lunch, Snacks

Public Programs

Critique, Discussion, Grant, Readings, Round Tables, Seminars, Visiting Professionals, Work Exchange, Workshops


Acting, Activists, Administrators, Animation, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Arts Administrator, Augmented Reality, Biotech, Blacksmith, Blockchain, Book Arts, Cartoonist, Ceramics, Chefs, Choreography, Cinematography, Collective, Comedy, Composers, Conceptual Art, Crafts & Trades, Culinary, Curatorial, Dance, Dance Groups, Design, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Media, Documentary, Drawing, Dreamers, Entrepreneur , Fiber Arts, Fiction, Film, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Intervention, Journalism, Land Art, Literature, Makers, Metalsmith, Mime, Mixed Reality, Moving Image, Multimedia, Museum Technology, Music, Music Composition, Nonfiction, Painting, Pedagogy, Performance Art, Photography, Playwriting, Poetry, Printmaking, Public Art, Puppeteers, Research, Robotics, Scholar, Scientists, Screenwriting, Sculpture, Singing, Social Practice, Sound Art, Start Up, Tech, Textile, Theatre, Theatre Directors, Thinkers, Video Art, Video Games, Virtual Reality, Visual Arts, Wearable Technology, Web Design, Web Development



Program Description

ONASSIS AiR invites artists, curators, designers, activists, collectives, educators, legal advocates, performance makers, economists, architects, filmmakers and other practitioners from any medium of expression or discipline to apply for the second iteration of The School of Infinite Rehearsals: Movements V–VIII, running between September 2021 and June 2022. For our second year, we want to look inwardly and also outwardly, for the spatial and temporal structures, that affect the ways we live, the ways we act and the ways we come together. Conceived as a collective research program, The School of Infinite Rehearsals brings together an interdisciplinary group of participants to exchange knowledges and practices around two research topics that we find urgent and necessary to address today and further explore collectively: governance (Fall 2021) and economies (Spring 2022).

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